You'll be wondering where I've been all your life...
Introduction FINALLY found me! I’m happy you stopped by.
PEEK. My chosen pseudonym in this realm is ‘Lauren Brooks’. I’m an unusually open, 
girlfriend like companion, with an AWESOME personality & KICK ASS sense of humor. 
Very easily, you’ll find that I am just what the doctor…or the devil ordered. (wink) Either
way, I’m sure to deliver. My main goal here is to add a little spark to your life – and unlike
my younger contemporaries, I REALLY see life through different eyes.
CLOSE UP. Though my modesty precedes me, I absolutely believe that looks aren’t 
everything – but I have them anyway. Often referred to as stunning/beautiful, I pride 
myself on who I am. Slender with natural 36DDs & super long legs; my skin is of the softest, richest, and purest dark chocolate. My ethnicity reaches from Barbadian to Creole as my hazel-green eyes sparkle with excitement and my million-watt smile entices you to come closer. Mature, sophisticated & well educated, I’m as cool as the other side of the pillow.
EXPERIENCE. I am the perfect complement to gentlemen who covet a true connection. So Butcher, Baker, or Candlestick Maker (LOL!) – I invite you to explore me and enjoy me. I WILL give you my undivided, personalized attention. You’ll leave wondering where I’ve been all your life. The ball is in your court!


Lauren ~


Additional available services

Exhibitionism [nude beaches & window washers look out! LOLOL!]

Finding the humor in almost any situation

Semantics [I’ve been told that I should have been an attorney]

Tickling and being ticklish

Sending love notes and forget-me-nots


Tons and tons of affection

Obsessive lingerie & shoe shopping

Articulating my unusual [& perhaps creative] perspective

Blowing bubbles & making mud pies

Fluttering my eyelashes & wiggling my ears [really!]

Doing cartwheels, skipping & jumping rope

Dancing to Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album [RIP Michael]

And uncontrollable laughter

Other tidbits