(These rates are valid when I am not already visiting these locations)

Within 3 hours of Chicago - Indianapolis, Ft Wayne, South Bend, Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay

$750. Piqued (2 hours)

$1,000. Anxious (3 hours)

$1,250. Captivated (dinner date)


All other US cities - travel accommodations included

$1,500. Anticipation (3-4 hours)

$2,500. OMG! (dinner evening)


By Rdkingman

5 stars

Reviewed: August 17, 2020

Visit Date: August 2020



I was able to meet with Lauren. I will say she is everything she says she is. She was very flexible with her time as we were going to meet a 7 and I was able to free up my schedule and make 5 work which she easily agreed with. What a beautiful classy women. Sense of humor to no end. I was a bit nervous but she made me feel right at home. Great conversation warm and friendly. Very clean cozy atmosphere Definitely will see her again.

By BrunoCoco
5 stars

Reviewed: April 19, 2020

Visit Date: March 2020

This was my second meeting with Lauren, and due to the pandemic, it was an early celebration of our birthdays. Lauren is a beautiful and vivacious person with whom it is impossible not to enjoy every moment together! She is also funny and irreverent, which for me is quite attractive in its own right. Best of all, the sensual component is amazing! Communication is a breeze, as is setting the date. I highly, highly recommend seeing this lady! Distance, and this damn pandemic, have stymied a third meeting, but when this is done there will be a "reunion!"



By jorymi

Ran across Lauren's website and was looking to spend more time with upscale providers she looked interesting and wanted to meet her. At first I had a hard time meeting up with her as schedules just wouldn't coincide but after some presistance on my part and a little on hers we made it happen. I met her at a nice hotel near the airport, I went to her room and knocked now she has many pictures of her body but none of how she looks but once she opened the door I wasn't disappointed she is very beautiful and welcomes you with a hug and a kiss.....


The Juicy Details

After I walked in she started small talk and asked if I wanted to sit down and get to know each other for awhile. She pulled a chair up and ask if I wanted a drink she poured me a drink and pulled a chair next to mine. Even though it seemed like it took forever to meet her we seemed to hit it off right away we talked for some time and had a few more drinks she was very affectionate as we speaked and would rub her hand on my thigh or leg during our discussion. Before I knew it an hour went by with us just talking she said dont worry about it we got plenty of time. She asked me to come over to the bed and unbuttoned my pants by this time I was rock hard super hard. Usually I get erect but not like this I dont know why but she had me at full attention and she was super turned on by it. she just grabbed my cock and kept saying I cant believe how hard you are. She pulled out her beautiful breasts and allowed me to suck on them the whole time fondling my cock. I was so turned on she dropped to her knees and began giving me oral (no condom) I was so hard I was doing everything not to bust a load I waited to long to see her to have it end so quick. She climbed onto the bed and spread her legs and motioned for me to perform oral I was very happy to oblige. it was very good and I couldn't help but go after it, one thing with Lauren is she will give you direction on what she likes and what she wants so I had to ease my attack and follow her lead. She told me to roll over and slipped a condom on my rock hard throbbing cock she slowly lowered herself on to me and began fucking me in all the right ways. She rode me good and hard then got on her feet and started dipping into it harder I was doing everything I could to hold out and wanted to hit her from behind in the worst way but she leaned over grabbed my beard and pulled hard and started fucking me harder and bagged me to cum. I couldn't holdout any longer and unloaded. she continued to grind until the last drop was out. She allowed me to clean up and even asked if I wanted to shower but I was fine we talked for a bit and she hugged and kissed me goodbye. It took awhile to meet her but in the end was worth it. Would defiantly see her again!

By Cheseere's 

The met me at the door of her incall and led me to bedroom. We both stripped, I dropped off the donation and excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back..

The Juicy Details

.We then hit the sheets both bodies locked naked. Oh so wonderful, oh so delicious. I was so hard and so ready to explode immediately that I changed my focus and went down on her wet succulent pussy with soft wet kisses and then deep toughing her to sounds of sharp groans of pleasure. This went on for a long time when she finally pushed me aside, taking full command going down on me full-throttle taking no prisoners. She loves fallacious and knows how to suck a cock relentlessly going up and deep down on me. Seeing this gorgeous, sensual, athletic women sucking me with such energy I wanted to explode again, but savored the moment to penetrate her. I pushed her back down and rammed my throbbing hard cock up her tight pussy pounding her relentlessly as hard and fast as I could. It felt so good: just wanted to get deeper into her faster and harder. She loved it. She kept taking it in rhythm with me until I went totally orgasmic and violently exploded again and again. Oh what an orgasm. With full exhaustion, I fell back down on the bed next to her totally out of breathe. We cuddled, caressed with soft caresses listening to music for awhile before we cleaned up. I was glowing the rest of the day!


By RidinUm

Lauren was way good, She showed me a good time. She had a great body. I wish I could see her again. I think if you get the chance, you should go see this woman.

The Juicy Details

Lauren really knows how to satisfy a man, from the minute you arrive, she's teasing you, and making you feel really special.
We began to touch each other. As she took my penis in her grasp which made me hard. There, she started to kiss me. She murmured in my ear, in a hot way, "I want you" She put a condom on it, She went down on me softly kissing my Johnny, at that point she kissed and licked its highest point She gave me the most unbelievable BBBJ I've had! When she was done, welcomed me to jump over her, Once I was inside her, she started to push me! I could feel the wetness of her! She folded her legs over me, holding me as I kept on screwing her, I continued going for some of time, as much as I could until I wrapped up. She was a sweet girl who knows how to please. Every service was great and I am already looking forward to our next meeting. I will definitely repeat.

By rakh24

Saw Lauren at a familiar location. Walked in and was greeted by the girl in the pictures. Lauren is the real deal.

The Juicy Details

We talked for a bit to get to know each other which I obliged but I just wanted to touch her and feel her up since her boobs were sticking out. That memory is still vivid in my memory. We started kissing and I started touching her breasts but she didn't seem to enjoy it much but then I started sucking on them and she started moaning loudly to the point I was worried somebody was gonna hear us. I know she was putting on a show but I appreciated the effort. I then told her if she could bend over so I could get to work doggystyle which she seemed to enjoy with all the giggling. I started thrusting in and out and she started yelling my name which was kinda sexy.

When then switched to cowgirl and I finished all over her ass. It was something special. I wanted her give me some oral but we ran out of time. This was one special lady. Good time.

By y-eater

I was looking for a good experience in the area and saw her profile pictures and decided to give her a try, sent her an Email and she replied quick, we chatted a bit and soon were ready to meet.

The Juicy Details

Once in the location I was greeted with a kiss and a hug as we went inside, i placed the donation n the table and proceeded to get naked, we made out for a few minutes, i was playing with her ass and she rubbed my dick so good, then she rolled a condom on my dick and sucked me for some time, her blowjob skills were on point, she had me rolling my eyes every time she sucked me, then pushed me on my back and rode me like a good cowgirl riding home, her hip movements were great and soon changed to doggy where I was squeezing her tits while ramming her wet cunt from behind, fucked her good for several minutes until finally released a big load in the condom deep inside her pussy, we cleaned and rested on the bed and when my time was over, I picked up my things and left the place with a smile. I will call her again soon.


By cobal2081

When Lauren opened the door, I saw her wearing a nice black dress. She had on lacy lingerie, took off her dress in front of me with a smile.


The Juicy Details

First off she will gently suck your dick on her knees. While her tits are out, I pinched her nipples softly. I brought her up and we moved to the bed. She laid me on the bed and got on top of me. She sucked on my cock some more while I ate her sweet pussy. Juices were flowing. Then I had her lay back and we fucked like bunnies. There's something about some mature providers, they're smart and horny at the same time.

Fucking her in doggy style was great but the view of cowgirl was incredible. Her tits bounced as she fucks me up and down very hard. I blasted into the cover while chest to chest. It is hot when a woman knows her way around a man's cock and body.


By FittyP205

I had scheduled an appointment with her before I got to Lauren. We communicated a few times before we were set to meet at my hotel room. Once we met, we had a great time.

The Juicy Details

Once she got to my room, we chatted for a while, then our clothes came off. She has a good pair of tits. They were awesome to suck on. She gave a great BJ. She used good tongue and even played with my balls. Then, I went down for some great DATY.
She smelled good. Then, she gave me another fantastic BJ. Moments later we were fucking our brains out, we did doggy and missionary. She got vocal and during missionary she squeezed me with her legs and arms, I came uncontrollably and she felt when I lost my energy. I laughed a bit and then I laid next to her. We continued talking for a bit before she got up and dressed. I hugged her goodbye before she left. Fell asleep on the bed afterward.

TER - #165801


Appearance - 9, Model material

Performance - 9 , Forgot it was a service

Attitude - Awesome

Atmosphere - Sexual


Contacted Lauren through her website, scheduled her "Paradise" massage knowing I was going to have long day of travel, and a stressful meeting the day of my arrival, light screening with proper references we were good to go, we agreed on a time, to meet at my hotel in Oak Brook.


Lauren showed up exactly on time, and was I surprised at what walked into my room!!


Lauren is a tall beautiful woman with curves in all the right places, after a quick introduction to each other I found myself in her arms, and kissing DFK like long lost lovers, to get to the point somehow the massage never happened, we began stripping each others clothes off, and fell on the bed rolling around with each other DFK'ing the whole time, I moved my way down her body enjoying her beautiful breasts, and very responsive nipples, headed further south for some very tasty DATY on a very sweet clean shaven kitty, after multiple O's by Lauren, she put me on my back and showed me her oral talents, not wanting to blow to soon I asked if she had a cover after all this was only supposed to be a massage.


Went through all the normal positions, and deposited a huge load in the cover during mish while DFK'ing her and watching her facial expressions as she climaxed over and over.

While laying in each others arms in the afterglow, we argued who had been hornier me or her, her reply was " I guess I was because I came more than you did, and I thought I was coming here to give you a massage".


Next time I visit Chicago, I will be calling Lauren for another "Massage".


Appearance - 8 - Really Hot            

Performance - 7 - Hot time              

Attitude - Good    

Atmosphere - Good


After some scheduling difficulties we finally managed to decide on a time that would work for both of us. Got there on time and was surprised to see the woman in the pics. She is really gusty with a great figure. Went for the shower package. She got in the shower with me.


She sensed my nervousness and said it was full contact and I could touch anything. That was all I needed to hear. Within seconds we were dfkng. She let me lather her up and rubbed off the lather on me al the while teasing junior. More dfk. We went on like that for some time and then I knew I needed to let go of all this pent up tension. She somehow sensed that and got to her knees for a great bbj. We went over to her bed and she gave me a pretty average massage. Overall she is a must see as there are very few hot looking mature African American massage providers. 


Appearance - 8, Really Hot

Performance - 8, Went the extra mile

Attitude - Friendly, passionate, professional

Atmosphere – relaxing


I recently was able to see Lauren as she's advertised on backpage. She has a few packages, and I've opted for the hour one. After her initial screening I went to her incall apartment. What a fun woman. She's pretty, nice, amazing breasts, long legs, and a lot of fun.


I'll talk about the hour massage package - she lays you on her bed and takes off her top and her lingerie and allows for you to touch her pussy as well. Her breasts are amazing to look at and even more amazing to feel against your body...she gives a nice massage with warm oil for a bit then you flip over, and after some light teasing and playing...sucking on her huge breasts and playing with her very wet pussy she gives an AMAZING BBBJ...after I came, she gave me a warm wet washcloth and helped me clean up, and was nice enough to let me have a shower afterwards complete with a warmed up towel. The apartment is very clean and relaxing. Lauren is just a wonderful woman. She can be very responsive and passionate. I highly recommend. I will return to see her without a doubt...